Nature's Candy: Blueberries

“Have blueberries whenever you are low – destiny will change and you will be high.” - Adam Voichester


 Ah blueberries, arguably one of my favorite fruits. These little blue berries are a great source of antioxidants, provide a variety of nutritional benefits, and taste absolutely amazing. Typically I eat them raw; I just grab a handful of washed blueberries and I'll be satisfied with the little bursts of flavor in my mouth. However, blueberries are also great because you can easily add them to other recipes and foods. Here are some of my favorite uses for blueberries:


1. Pancakes - I love adding in fresh or dried blueberries into my pancakes. When adding fresh blueberries into pancake batter, they'll burst while cooking your pancakes and you'll get some lovely gooey bits of blueberries in each pancake.

2. Blueberry Puree - Rather than always having blueberries raw, you can try a blueberry puree! There is nothing wrong with just sprinkling raw blueberries on top of foods, but what I like to do is to heat a handful of blueberries in the microwave so that they "melt/lidquify" into a sort of puree. Just drizzle this on top of foods for some extra blueberry flavor.

3. Muffins - This is an easy one, blueberry muffins are not uncommon at all. Similar to pancakes, just throw some blueberries in before you bake your muffins.

4. Smoothies - I love adding blueberries to smoothies that are mixed with other berries (strawberries, blackberries, etc.) because they turn the drink into a light purple color. Try adding some blueberries the next time you make a smoothie, it'll be an extra boost of health for your drink!

5. Toppings - When using raw blueberries, I love using it to top a variety of foods. My favorite foods to top with blueberries are: oatmeal, greek yogurt, and chia pudding. 

Recipes for some of the uses I listed will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!
xo Shirley


  1. I've tried all of these things, except for the blueberry puree. I'm definitely going to have to add that to my list of things to try this summer! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Yes the microwave method is a super easy way to achieve a sort of blueberry puree! Let me know how you like it if you ever try it out!